This webpage is dedicated to an observing program for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Early Release Science (ERS).

Our program concerns observations of photodissociation regions (PDRs), where far-ultraviolet photons from massive stars create a largely neutral but warm region of gas and dust. We plan to obtain the first spatially resolved, high spectral resolution observations of a PDR and provide template data and science enabling products for PDRs. More information on the scientific objective is given in the goals. The program overview and the technical details are available on the JWST website.

Our program is coordinated by an international “Core team” of 20 scientists and supported by “science collaborators“. The PI team is composed of Olivier Berné, Emilie Harbart, and Els. Peeters.

The James Webb Space telescope (NASA/ESA/CSA) will be launched in October 2021. During the first months of operations, 500 hours of director’s time has been allocated to 13  “Early Release Science” programs. The goals of these programs will be 1) to provide first-look public data to a wide community as soon as possible after launch, 2) to test the instruments and observing modes, 3) to help prepare the community for the open time proposals.